TOTAL ISSUE          5 Billion CDM

FIRST ISSUE        1 Billion CDM





Jeong hyun, Hwang
Founder / CEO
To Korea's first block-chain technology foundation mileage platform for many years of business experience on the international stage, He have successfully led the ICO and have a dream of equally giving "educational opportunities" to all people in the whole world including Korea Codemy Project has started. He has a deep understanding of the economic system including the block chain ecosystem and is the head of Codemy who first draws on students studying through Codemy in every situation. It is also a young entrepreneur who is sharing the dream with him through the Codemy to all the members who participate in the Codemy Project and thinking together with the height of each team member's eyes.
Min kyo, Lee
Project Manager & Blockchain Developer
As a project manager, he is interested not only in development, but also on social issues happening around him. He are promoting computer education volunteer activities for elderly people for a long time, Based on that experience, while worrying about the best way for the elderly, Since it promoted the design and development of the batter's practice program for the elderly, it made it to use it for the educational service for the elderly. By watching the seniors enjoying it, they developed their interest in "programs for users", Even in block chain technology, through various approaches and experiments such as Bitcoin and development of coin server using Ethereum and application of other light coins, While emphasizing user convenience and convenience most, it keeps the center of Codemy Blockchain technology
Ji Su, Hwang
Lead Full-stack Developer
Many experiences of mobile, application, web related project execution including application development and planning for communication between teacher and guardian. It is also a developer who has been accepted from friends with her in participating in various projects and self-development that followed. As the main developer of Codemy Platform, she has melted the variety of experiences she has, and based on a wide range of experiences, including front end, back end, DB design, and her own constant knowledge, the main developer Not only as a codemy but also the role of a supporter 's assistants who are together with Codemy, she has experienced experiences and experienced experiences, all users who use Codemy on the experience, including a test of the test, maintenance We are in charge of.
Du Ho, Lee
Blockchain & Backend Developer
He has a lot of interest in mathematics and logic, and he has experienced many awards by participating in contests of mathematics and logic to be held outside. Academics often acknowledged by friends and teachers who learned that half of the semester was studied as a scholarship after curious about the composition of the computer program and the homepage, becoming an introduction to programming and continuing connection connected by mathematics and logic It is also a faction. Having experiences of various social service activities, including volunteer activities for infants and volunteers for the handicapped, he has included his troubles and efforts as a Codemy block chain and backend developer Through the learning through the Codemy project, the realization of the economy and various social support, so that many people he met learn more easily and comfortably, for the more complete and more accurate project completion Efforts are also being made.
Jae Ik, Lee
Full-Stack Developer
Network, security and various other programming languages are developers who have experience in big data analysis, Using his experiences, it is good to learn and utilize the fields such as building numerous websites and constructing chatbot. His hands are extending to each platform, including Codemy's early homepage, He strive to provide a more convenient and comfortable environment for all those studying during Codemy.
Sun Young, Park
Web Designer & Publisher
She is a web designer and publisher of CODEMY who has been participating in volunteer activities for young freaks, infants and children for a long time. Participated in the CODEMY project with interest in providing learning convenience for children with various causes and is currently in charge of CODEMY web page and platform design and publishing business. . I am trying to be able to implement the convenience of providing learning for such students for Young, children and children, especially students with disabilities more than other members of CODEMY, so that they can implement in the CODEMY. She draws the heart out for all the children's faces, including the CODEMY logo and all the fonts, pictures and other screens that she went with, not only the CODEMY platform, the Web page, but the whole CODEMY There is a Designer more than Designer which will make the atmosphere of the person even warmer.
Jun Hyung, Ahn
UI / UX Designer & Research Engineer
He have been planning games and working on stories from early in order to make games that motivate students to learn, For that reason, I have had experience in planning work with a famous Korean gaming company. As the main project of the Codemy Project, He is equipped with boldness and delicacy, He are constantly researching and applying user interfaces and user experiences to enable users in many countries around the world to learn more freely and easily and comfortably in regional, economic and cultural environments.
Haeng Jin, Oh
Executive Director
After graduating from college in Japan, Sales and human resources management operations, since then, processing Japanese trading business between Taiwan and Japan, In addition to his operational aspects, he has also been a consultant for import and export, and has served as the Korean branch manager of a Japanese company. He has years of experience in the field of business and talent management, a veteran entrepreneur who has started planning and promoting business in several countries including Russia.
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